M a l i c i o u s  D e a t h
Devilization (LP)
[Devilization] Side A:
1. Devilization
2. Hate Generator
3. I Am the Blood
4. Rageous Souls
5. Sacrifice

Side B:
1. Soldiers of Blackblood
2. Malicious Death
3. Tormnetor
4. Antichrist

Released by Rebellion records (2003)
Recorded and mixed at Red Five studios in 16 hours. Produced by MD and Toe Knee.
All songs arranged by Malicious Death. All lyrics by Bilibaldus.


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War And Power (CD)
[War And Power] 1. Possessed
2. Mind Of Violence
3. Deathmarch
4. Legion Of Doom
5. War And Power
6. Suffocation
7. Grave Under Ice
8. Enemy Unknown

Released by Verikauha records (2005)
Booklet photo by Toni "Eldiablo" Salminen at www.metalscope.net
Artwork by Turkka G. Rantanen


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Demonstration of Penetration -compilation (CD)
[Demonstration of Penetration] Malicious Death song on the compilation: Antichrist

Metal on Metal -compilation (CD)
[Metal on Metal] Malicious Death songs on the compilation:
Possessed (different version than on "War And Power") and Slaughter (unreleased)
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