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Well, it says in the bio that Incinerator "follow in the steps of the old gods of 80's Speed/Thrash metal such as: Slayer, Destruction, Dark Angel and Kreator." That pretty much sums it up. I'd say Kreator are the primary constituent of the metal stew that Incinerator have brewing on Thrash Attack. Vocalist Blade could do an adequate job in a Kreator cover band, for that matter. He doesn't have the edge Mille did on Terrible Certainty or Extreme Aggression, or any of the pre-Endorama albums, but there are times where he almost sounds exactly like the man, which might be annoying if it wasn't obvious that it was intentional. The general problem with bands that completely emulate the masters is that, although their hearts are in the right place, they seldom pull it off and wind up sounding like lame cover bands or almost more like a parody of the very bands they are trying to imitate. Incinerator succeed where so many others don't, as they sound like the genuine article. Thrash Attack sounds like it could have been released in '87 or '88 and with song titles like "Scream Queen" and "Storm of the Thrasher," all the attitude of the era is fully intact as well. Rating: 7/10

Unchain the Underground

Incinerator is a new band , hailing from Sweden & judging from the album title , yup no prizes for guessing it right - they play thrash metal in the 80's vein of good old Sodom , Slayer , Kreator , Slaughter etc ... Recorded in 1998 but only mastered in 2000' , this little gem of an album was having a hard time getting out to us , but thankfully here it is finally available through Portuguese label - Sound Riot . The band has so far released 2 demos , 'Order of Chaos' & '... In Your Face' (both of which are still available through the band I guess) & the line up on this recording consists of 4 members & they are Blade (vox & bass) , Nilzon (drums) , Wikstèn (guitars) & finally Granqvist (guitars) who has since been replaced by Mattsson . Another interesting feature of this mini album , is that it also features the solo guitar works of Alakangas on 'Storm of the Thrasher' & David E. on 'Hypocritical Convictions' both of which were responsible for the recording , engineering , mixing & production of this mini album . Anyway , this little gem of an album features only 5 songs with a total playing time of 16 minutes - it's a little too short for my liking (heck I just pushed the repeat button on my player for the third consecutive time so that I may continue thrashing away !) , but I guess it'll have to do for now . Here are details of the five thrashing tracks found on 'Thrash Attack' in order from tracks 1 - 5 , they are : 'Scream Queen' 3:09 , 'Storm of the Thrasher' 2:44 , 'The Collapse' 3:55 , 'Bestial Rage' 3:15 & 'Hypocritical Convictions' 4:01 . Anyway , I would also like to give a beer to a friend of mine who recommended this album to me saying that since I was a fan of Sodom , I would surely dig this album - he was right on all counts ! I love this album - Thanx XXXUL , you rule & keep on thrashing man ! Rating : 8/10

Dawn of the Apocalypse

Slayer rules!!! E' questo il credo di questa giovane band che si butta nella mischia con un MCD di cinque pezzi che sprigionano rabbia, potenza ed aggressività da ogni poro. Senz'altro la produzione non li aiuta molto, ma gli Incinerator hanno le loro carte da giocare e puntano tutto sull'impatto sonoro. "Scream Queen" e "The Collapse" sono a mio parere i pezzi più riusciti, dal riffing più incisivo e tagliente: le doti penso ci siano ma, per il futuro la band dovrà maturare molto e ritagliarsi un songwriting originale e meno vicino a mostri sacri quali Slayer e Destruction. Lo so che è molto difficile, anche per la semplicità distruttiva del genere, ma chissà, la buona volontà fa miracoli: io intanto aspetto fiducioso il prossimo, full-length, album. Rating: 6,5

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