Dreambreed in 1997

1. Why & when did DREAMBREED split up?
We never officially split. We just all headed in other directions. Our last show was in July 1997 and we never played after that show. I guess we never made it an official split... but god knows what would happen if I ever attempted to get us back together. Drummer Gary is now out of the music scene and Bassist Duncan (Patterson) is working on a new project himself. This is the line-up I'd want anyway. As you can guess I'm pretty busy with Anathema too. If I was to do anything like that I'd ask them first and then find other people to play with if they couldn't.

2. How did Duncan Patterson become involved on bass guitar?
I got to know Duncan from when I was working at Peaceville records and we signed Anathema in 1992. I guess me and Duncan had pretty similar personalitys... and we slowly got to know each other and became friends... we are both Gemini's (My birthday is on the 4th June and Duncs is the 5th... but there's 5 years between us), we both love American Football (He's a Broncos fan, I follow the Redskins!), and we both love the Misfits! He heard Dreambreed and knew we needed a bassist and he wanted to play the music and help us out. We had some good times. We had some strange times too.

3. Would DREAMBREED ever re-form?
Yes... but if it was the original line-up I don't know. That's me and Gaz on drums... with any bassist out of the four we had. I know Gary can still play... but it's difficult to rehearse and plan stuff. I'd love to play in Europe, something which we never did when we were alive. We'd be big!

4. There was a Misfits cover band... what happened to this?
The HATEBREEDERS was me on guitar, my younger brother Loz on Vocals, and Gaz on drums and Mike Rhodes on bass. The original Dreambreed with Loz on vocals is what it was. We did 1 live show and it was great. No one knew what we were doing to be honest, 'cos the Misfits weren't that well known anyway... back in 1990! The last ever Dreambreed show in 1997 with Duncan... we played 7 Misfits covers!!!! We were big fans of the early shit so we wanted to play the songs live. Hollywood Babylon, Return of the Fly, Hybrid Moments... stuff like that, from the Static Age album (or Legacy of Brutality!). Even Anathema get to play the Misfits live these days... usually with me on vocals... that's the closest you'll ever get to seeing Dreambreed nowadays!

5. Any future plans to release anything?
The last session we recorded in Liverpool in 1997 was great... and I'm looking into putting it out on CD. I think a lot of people would like it. The song "Anyone, Anywhere" on the Anathema Judgement album could have been a Dreambreed song if we were still going! I even sang it on the demos for the album!