Dead Men Dream
r e v i e w s


Dead Men Dream - Absolute Zero (Self Released) By Pete.

Dead Men Dream may not be a familiar name but lead singer Darren White should be as, he used to front Anathema. Since The Blood Divine split up it would seem he has been a busy man putting together Dead Men Dream and undertaking some extensive travelling to far flung places. With a very solid band behind him this is actually Dead Men Dream’s second demo release and the 3 tracks on it are as powerful and emotive as you would expect. Even more impressive is the fact that following a broken leg, guitarist Dino was actually stretchered into the studio and laid down his parts on a mountain of cushions and pillows. Sacred Ground starts proceedings with a hippy sounding guitar rhythm that paves the way for Darren’s unmistakable strong vocals. His singing style really doesn’t seem much different from days gone by and listening to this brings back all those images of former glories. The instrumentation picks up pace throughout the track and utilises some complex time changes that make things all the more interesting. Absolute Zero took me by surprise as the melody really reminds me of Alien Sex Fiend track, Break Down And Die (Acid Bath). I really almost expected Nick Fiend to come bellowing in. Despite this rather strange comparison the track evolves into a ballad with guitar rhythms that mournfully nod towards Joy Division and a powerful climatic vocal harmony that takes me back to Sleepless. Final track Assumption is by far the heaviest offering and howls in with a screech worthy of Wayne Hussey at his best. I really noticed loads from those days gone by on this one. The Mission, Sisters Of Mercy, New Model Army and Sons Of Selina could all be cited. Needless to say this is right up my street and comes thoroughly recommended. It would seem that we could be waiting a while for an album as Darren’s off travelling again. In the meantime check this out here

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