The Blood Divine


Tuesday 5th May : We today received the sad notification of an acrimonious split between Paul & Ben Ryan and Daz, Was and Steve of the band. After apparently trying to remedy the situation, it seems that the only agreement between the two parties is that neither shall use the name in any future projects.

If anything further happens you will be informed !
Info taken from Peaceville homepage

14 April 1998


The Blood Divine have been making bold moves to take their heavy vibes into the new millenium.

Since the release of their second CD, 'Mystica' at the end of last year, the band have been further developing their sound, with the emphasis being more and more on the heavy guitars. As a result the band have decided to part company with keyboard player, Ben Ryan.

As well as being thoroughly obsessed by those atmospheric, down-tuned vibes, and though they love their rock'n'roll, they are a band who are always willing to experiment and try new things. Keyboards and/or samples will still feature in some of the new materiall, but it will be from a whole new perspective.

The Blood Divine wish Ben all the best in his future projects.

The band are excited at the new direction of their music, and will be demoing new material for their third album in the near future.

The band are interested in recruiting a second guitarist to ensure that the heaviness of the band remains without question. The ability to play keyboards is an advantage but not as important as your guitar skills.

Anyone who thinks they may fit the bill should send a tape of their playing, a recent photo, some description of themselves, their musical tastes & equipment with contact details to; PO BOX 666, COLCHESTER CO1 2GA, ENGLAND

  • The Blood Divine recently played their first shows in Holland since they toured Europe with My Dying Bride and Cathedral in November and December 1996. The band find this so ironic, as they feel that the newer ('Mystica') material is really meant to be heard played live, and since the band's second album, 'Mystica' was released, the band have not played many gigs outside of their native England. Vocalist, Darren says; "We only played three shows, but as always it was fuckin' beautiful, man!". Darren and the rest of the band always enjoy shows in Holland and through the touring that the guys have done with The Blood Divine and with their former bands, they had plenty of friends to meet up with once they got there. "It was nice to meet people I hadn't seen since we played there in November '96", continues Darren. "I also met some people that I hadn't seen since '94 with Anathema! We all took some cold Dutch beers and, of course, we entered the hazy realm of Nederweed!"
    "The shows were intense, and great fun - Sneek was a great surprise - it was the first time I played there. Our support acts were good guys too".

    Last night, Tuesday 17th March, Martin Powell - Violinist and Keyboardist for MY DYING BRIDE sensationally left the band amid rehearsals for their new album and Peaceville X-fest.

    Due to timing, this has left them with no option but to pull out of the show. Forcing postponement of the entire festival.

    Calvin of the band says " It's totally devastating to get so far and then have to pull out of the show, but violinists are not 'ten a penny' - so we have no choice. A lot of our music is based around the violin and with the new album recording looming we will need to do some serious rehearsing with prospective candidates. This will take up precious time."

    Peaceville head Hammy states "we feel we have no choice, but to at least cancel the show for the time being until we can get a proper headliner. Anathema will be ready to play live soon, so we may be able to re-arrange something. I'll be on the phone quite a bit this week. X-pect more news !!"

    "I just look forward to the gig going ahead, no matter who is headlining. I have to accept that Anathema will be above The Blood Divine on the bill because they have been around a lot longer, but it will be a great opportunity for me to have a bit of fun!"

  • The Blood Divine has recorded two cover songs for forthcoming Peaceville ten year anniversary compilation "X". The compilation is going to be released 14th of April 1998. The songs are "Crazy Horses" by The Osmonds and "Love Will Tear Us Apart" by Joy Division.

  • The Blood Divine Cyberchat log here