Count Raven

Storm Warning

Inam Naudemina

You have let me down one time too much
and inside I feel my patience burst
just because You're insecure and weak
doesn't mean I'll turn the other cheek
Through other's eyes it's yourself You have to see
what You tell me isn't my reality

Never again I'll let you know
no, I will never my feelings show
time and time again You're asking me to try
on broken promises I won't rely

You ask that I'm a loser, but
what is there to win ?
The highest price is heaven, not
spending life in sin
You're scared of Your own feelings,
afraid of Your own lust
Your life You take for granted,
in lies You put Your trust

True Revelation

A new time has come, a new time is here
the one from the pit has risen and soon he'll make us fear
This is the time yeah this is the time now listen to this song
I'm gonna tell You a little story foretold by the prophet John

It started after the war when Israel got their land
It was the new beginning for today's modern man
Foretold two thousand years ago, now we know it's real
They've ruturned to their land on Silverbirds with wings of steel

The year is 1989 the news shocked us today
the Berlin Wall has fallen as many Germans prayed
Revolution in the Eastern block we can't believe our eyes
It's not the usual situation of the average media lies

True Revelation that comes to every nation
True Revelation that comes to every nation

The future that is coming up holds new hope for our World
All will say "PEACE NOW" and weeping won't be heard
Then a young man comes out of Egypt, he'll unite the
Middle-East a fair politician our new holy priest
The World will be amazed "What an incredible man!" he'll
confirm the alliance, all religions will shake hands
There will be one economy and we will all be free
No more creditcards that he can guarantee

The system that is coming up will really end this hell
A mark on hand or forehead or You can't buy or sell

True Revelation that comes to every nation
A new Manifestation the chosen aggrivation

This is the future that You look into and there is nothing that You can do
His next seven years will really be something else, Y'know
People will be stunned and say: "Way to Go!"
Now all is good and everything is fine, at last we will have some
peace of mind Relax and take it easy in your seats and count
in the number of the Beast

True Revelation that comes to every nation
It'll shake the foundation, in fact the whole Creation

Hear me now, all people, this is what I say: If Your heart
loves the Lord than You will be O.K.
In this time of knowledge and love for our world, for Mother Earth
we all fight, our voices can be heard
The World will be a better place, East and West shaking hands
In front of a Worldwide Government we all have to stand
Yeah, soon we'll have a fair world and things look better for You
Then along comes the One - You know who

True Revelation the Final Tribulation
True Revelation Gods Manifestation

In the Name of Rock 'N' Roll

Won't You listen all You pretty boys
in magazines You look like plastic toys
Superstars of rock You just pretend
a blasphemy that never seems to end

Ugly bastard, You think You look good
but there are things You never understood
with lipstick and mascara in your hand
'bet You're not even sure You're a man
now listen;

Hairdryer soldiers marching out to war
can't you see Yourself, You're such a bore
Why don't You all just lie down and die?
The world's a mess and You're the reason why

Sometimes a Great Nation

The Pentagram is the Pentagon sign
CIA organize bloodshed all over the world
Kill the commies before the end of time
all over the world the weeping is heard

You bastards You don't know what You've done
There's nothing that's gonna save You now

Got sex-scandals while people live on the streets
Christians talk of Heaven and live out Hell
moral majority who's majority has no moral
People starving while markets do well

Headline news show people who die
and in the same breath the reporter smiles GOD

How can You sleep at night
Your own enemy and biggest fright
views that holds no truth
happy I'm not in your shoes

You're even radical the american way
that's why you can't see the light of the day
You don't know the World
You're locked out and You won't be heard
You bastards You don't know what You've done
There ain't nothing that's gonna save You now

Within the Garden of Mirrors

Won't You take a ride with me today
into another world we leave to stay
in secret rendez-vous within Your mind
tomorrow is denied and left behind

"Come with me and I will show You
something that You never seen before..."

Look into the mirrors and You'll see
things that are and why they're meant to be
sugar blossoms under silver trees
won't You take my hand and follow me?

Rivers made of honey floating by
underneath a shiny golden sky
life can be so easy, can't You see?
If You just take my hand and follow me

A Devastating Age

Can't believe there is a future
for the children of today
Corrupted politicians are standing in their way
don't let the system fool You,
all that they want is to rule You

They're blinding their eyes for glory,
a brief moment of success
Is all their fame and fortune a substitute for happiness?

For once in their lives, why can't they realize?
The answer is love, Yeah love!

Oh Father, whom art in heaven
behold this world in need
of peace and understanding
instead of hate and greed
Choose the way that's in Your heart.

How Can It Be

Where dya think You're going,
in Your worldly greed and pride?
Say, where dya think you're going now,
it's time to turn the tides.
How can it be that You forgot how to love?

What dya think You're doing?
You worship demi-gods
twisting things that's sacred
to use for Your own cause
You're wicked

No wonder You fill ill in a sick society,
why don't You change Your ways and live in harmony?

Get rid of all Your agony and let Your feelings show,
kindness gains humanity
let peace and happiness flow, yeah!
God, won't You show them how to love.

Social Warfare

I can see our sunshine turn to rain
and I can see happiness turn to pain
Atomic bombs arise in nuclear skies
Oblivion sure won't come as no surprise

I can see our pride turn into shame
as we're drawn into play their deadly game
a politicians promises and lies
he's financing our funeral with a smile
bow Your head, share my sorrow
for You and me there's no tomorrow
the right to live is now on sale
the price - Your life
Social warfare

Now You might think You're not the one to bleed
better safe than sorry from our deed
Churches give salvation by the pound
Might come in handy when death comes creeping 'round