Count Raven

High on Infinity

"Son, observe the time and fly from Evil" (ECC IV,23)


Jen you're stuck into my world now
And you're one of god's most precious pearls now
And your blue eyes show a new dimension
That this world has got a new extension

You came to me in days of sadness
There is no young there is no old
You took me into your world of madness
Now twice I don't have to be told

Jen honestly I say I love you
Hair, that has the colour of chestnut, that
presence I admire you
Happy is your world wide religion
You can't hurt nobody, at least with no intention

We are just smiling at each other
Honey you must be from above
And those in sadness we will bother
We sold our souls for love
To everybody

And when you meet her
Then say hello for me
The sweetest child of mine

Children's Holocaust

Let me introduce myself, the avenger from the past
This is not a joke at all, from the other side of the grave I call

You both were my parents
You killed me when I was still small
And you reason like all the others
Just a piece of cell that's all

Made cosmetics of my placenta
Threw away and burned my remains
You use a fine word: abortion
It's children's holocaust to me

No morning for the living either
For most children life is a hell
They are sacrificed on the altar
For a few bastards wealth

In school they get mistreated
At home beaten and raped
Put down and constant defeated
The grown world feeds them with hate

I am the father, I am talking to you
You sodomise my children, stop the things you do

You say tomorrow, leave the past behind
But the sorrow still does remind
And the shadows are closing in
And just because we've learned to live with sin
You can't see me but you feel me
I am coming to set them free
I've done this before
The persian empire
The roman empire
And now you
You don't learn so you must burn
Because you sodomise my children
Sodomise my children

In Honour

Marie Kelly must die
Her accusations we deny
Free masons are involved
Jack the Ripper's mystery is solved
A young Annie Crook has marriage plans
A certain prince is the man
The Royal House does not approve
A catholic and a local too

Secretly she was put away
A mental hospital and there to stay
There it didn't matter what she'd say
They wouldn't listen anyway

Marie Kelly you were truly one of a kind
Blackmailing the Royal House, you freely spoke your mind
In doing what you did you were an enemy of the State
Five dead prostitutes a waste of time to investigate
Marie Kelly you just wanted your friend to be free
That it meant you'd lose your life, that you could not see

We fear death and darkness my friend
that's why we need a legend
Marie Kelly did die
Honour her and live and stop the lie

The Madman from Waco

A young man starts a revolution
Something must happen today
He thinks he's found a solution
He gets carried away

Darkness coming, best get ready
System closing, remain steady today

Media enters with confusion
Government that makes a state
They have the same solution
Problems are solved with hate

Children dying, burning, screaming
It's not real, I am dreaming

The madman from Waco
Just how mad was he?
It seems that they just wanted to make an alternative society
Can you look the survivors in the eye
and still believe the media lie
The Devil wants no one to be free
In his pretend democracy

Questions soon began to rise
Who's responsible for the fire
The outside says Suicide
The inside says the F.B.I.

Bodies lying all around
Blood is screaming from the ground
Demands revenge from both sides
From those who let them die

Masters of All Evil

There is only one truth around us today
I tell you what is gonna come, it ain't no fairy tale
There is a group of families that hold our destiny
In pact with the darkest one, they rule the economy
The metropolitan 400 they are called
But in the end the 7 families rule them all
Those families of evil, set all presidents to rule
But they are all just puppets, the masters' favourite tools

The masters of all companies you can call them too
So much money it seems with it they don't know what to do
For instance they financed the entire world war two
Or did you think that Hitler all alone could pull it through
But that occurance it is a story of its own
An attempt to get the darkest one much earlier on his throne
And the war against the jews it's so very clear
Without them on this earth the proof of God wouldn't be here
Would it ??!!

You're truly the masters of evil
Abomination the ultimate sin
Destroyers of earth and the father's foundation
You'll burn in hell 'cause it's your dream

A thousand years of crying
All thos fears and denyings
The 7 families are here
The 7 years are near

Marx called them "das Kapital", we say democracy
God call them the devil, so many names, it's hard to see
Those sick perverted assholes must achieve their goal
To lose this war with Satan, and thrash all human souls
Global destruction: their number one game
Or is the hole in the sky a joke of the insane
So let them have your money, just don't let them have your soul
Live free and easy and remember what I told but you fee

Ode to Rebecca

I have found you, the chosen one
I have found you, the infinite one

For you I gladly walk into the valley of life & death
Hand in hand with horror & love & life everlasting
You were born in silence, still I hear your voice
You were born to silence, meaningless words spoken with rottening tongues
Zombie dead creatures walking this earth

Still you won't hear the gathering sounds of the final fight of Armageddon
You refuse to hear the lies spoken since dawn of time
You never look the Evil one in the eye
And you never feel the pain

I have found you, the chosen one
I have found you, the perfect one, the infinite one

High on Infinity
(Love supreme)

Dream child tonight
You are entitled the right
So sick and tired of the constant fight
Tonight the Master is here
And he holds you dear
And now all the reasons are clear
Just fly on, today here tomorrow gone
In the end you sum up what you won

Electric impulses like lightning
Running through my veins
I'm travelling for the future
Through the astral planes

Just take my hand, I'll make you understand
That you are unique, you are grand
Don't hesitate, I'll take you out of hate
Let the earth alone have its fate
You don't have much time, life's short and most are blind
They're stuck in reasons of that life's not kind

Life's been pain, grief and tears
Caused by nightmare dreams
Now it's tears of joy instead
It's a love supreme

So what you see is no longer a choice to be
You simply nmust set yourself free
Come on follow me, and get high on infinity
Join the astral caravan
I say, you can come along too
We're on our way to another land

An Ordinary Loser

The story I tell you is old, in fact the oldest in the world
I feel that it must be told, 'til now no one's ever heard
Somewere in time there's a school, a boy went there to read and write
You were nobody's fool, you quickly learned the game and how to fight
Then when he was ten years old his parents got divorced
Father was so cold and mother was so forced
It hurts so bad inside, he thought it was all his fault
He discovered it was a lie, all the things he once was taught

Tomorrow's child he cries
But only in his mind
He gets so cold inside
He leaves his ones behind

Today he's a full grown man
Wife & children and a piece of land
He's got a steady job, no trouble in the way
Suddenly there she stands, again in love he takes her by the hand
He tries to tell his wife, he wants this woman to stay in his life

Tomorrow's child he cries
But only in his mind
He gets so cold inside
He leaves his ones behind

This is not the curse of God, nor of the accuser
It's the curse of mankind that makes him an ordinary loser
The older says: you can go to hell
The younger says: she's crazy
He loves them both, they know this well
Pride hold them back, they lose him

Women of this world today
Don't wow this world away
A man is fertile all his life, this need is not right to deny
I know it is not fair, but it's a fact, it's not that we don't care
Only one thing to do
Put in the law a man can marry two


The rats start to scream, you are threatening their dream
They want peace and quiet, on their way to eternal night
You can't be your own, it will make the others moan
They plot and they scheme, they must kill every dream

All around looking for another reason
They must destroy someone, commited to a treason

Goodnight to you, a bedtime story I tell it's true
Under the sun nothing's new, nothing's won
A philosophy, that holds no solutional key
Go to work and get payed, don't ask for more they say

A wageslave that's all you ever be
They steal your life and leave you in misery

The world seems chaos and confusion
Someone gains on this illusion
Just one life, in love's name you had it
Still you dare refusing to live it

Strange reality, you work your life away
Killing yourself, just to pass another day
That's not how the world was meant to be
It's easy to see, still we don't, it's a pity

All around looking for another reason
All around you hear the nonsense reason

No wonder you feel sick inside
It hurts so much you have no place to hide
Come with me I got the key to your heart
Travel through time and space in my time warp

A storm blows up outside, it's coming, it's coming
The rats they hide inside, they're running, they're running
But we are not afraid, we know why, we know why
Our time has finally come, I say yeahhh

The Dance

The road is so long
And I am so alone
The wind blows outside
It feels like suicide, so come on

This is the same old song
I cannot go but wrong
I'm just a simple man
Who tries to understand, come on

The first moth of summer's here
Again you disappear
And later the same noon
I'm howling at the moon, come on

Still I hear you say
That life is quite okay
Still I'm the only one
Still I'm the lonely one, so come on

The Coming

Silence in the air, people are nervous, everyone is in fear
This is the day the earth stands still, the sinners they must beware
All through history people have tried to solve its mystery
And today you have, can you still tell me that you don't believe

I don't believe my own eyes
I see a door it's open to paradise
I see a new star coming in the black sky
And I know that I am never gonna die

The earth it starts to tremble as it draws its final breath
A bodily chain reaction just like a man when he's near death
People running scared, something siniter's in the way
It's not science fiction, this is the final day

Cosmic laws they cease today
This is the return to beginning of time
And there is a new world coming out of Orions belt
And the strangest presence I have never felt

The signs been in the fields so long
You wouldn't believe it, you couldn't receive it
Talking of the Kingdom come
You refuse to see it, best is to leave it
It is right in front of your eyes
Hatred increasing, nature is leaving
Our course was locked in suicide since the foundation
No more grief and tears

The shock waves start to ease down as our senses coming to
The preparation has begun for the old world and the new
Imagine people from the past and the future in the same place
The four horsemen, the four dimensions, the same space

Lost World

Free, you say you're gonna be
Me, I don't at all agree
The facts of life you don't see
Either truth or reality

Don't let my words bring you down
Just keep on trying
I just can't say that you will be free
If I did I'd be lying

Countries, they have all governments
It's not, how the world was meant
Power, in the hands of fools
They are, all the devil's tools

Revolution will set you free
But only temporarily
To fight in stages time & time again
Or we face eternal darkness and pain

We are living at the end of time
It's the worst and best for human kind
Fight to the end that's our destiny
Until all evil hearts are gone or set free

The lion will lie down with the lamb
That we don not understand
Predator: is not a natural state
Creation bound in eternal hate

You know evil won't go away
And that it is here to stay
Until the redeemer comes
The fight goes on and on and on

Don't let my words bring you down
Just keep on trying
I just can't say that you will be free
If I did I'd be lying


Everywhere you see my trace
Of my creation journey through the space
The secret of the big bang's mine
The science master of all time

If you really want to leave this hell
Then listen to what I tell
Drop out of society
Leave it all and follow me

Don't worry 'bout the clothes to wear
I'll find you food and shelter here
Live your life to the full
Cosmos is beautiful
Cosmos is eternal